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I’ve been thinking about all the teachers, the office workers, the small business owners, the self employed and all the ways in which they have had to work differently during this time. The people who might have been contemplating a career move, who may have hated their boss, disliked their colleagues, wanted a complete change of direction.

I’ve been thinking about the people who are in relationships that they would rather have moved on from, that they were contemplating changing that they have now had to stay in, stuck in? for the time being while the world adjusts outside so that it can turn back on its axis.

I’ve been thinking about what changes people will make when this comes to an end. Will they stay in the jobs that they have ended up doing differently? will the teachers running virtual classrooms ever want to ever go back to the day in day out of the classroom? will the commuters want to put proper clothes on, make up, shoes, get on with the day after day hustle and bustle of life?

Will the planes still fly, the cars still drive, the buses, trains, ferries still sail. Will we be desperate to explore the world again having spent so long in our houses and neighbourhoods?

Will we still meet for coffee, beer, go for meals, theatre visits, cinema, catch up with friends, or will we will be so grateful for our nearest and dearest that we will view them with new appreciation, having enjoyed the months of enforced togetherness.

Will we love differently, choosing to build and strengthen the relationships that we are in, or will we think enough is enough and seek to move on, a new life being preferable to more of the same.

Will we appreciate what we have, the simple pleasure of walking on the sand, the joyful noise of the playground, the sound of the coffee machine making the perfect drink, the roar of a football match, the buzz of a concert, the smell of the theatre.

Will we be different? will we be marked, shaped, moulded, changed. Will we talk to our children’s children about the time when we stayed at home, in order to stay alive.

Will we miss the relationships, the simplicity, the home schooling, the lack of choices to make, the day to day mundanity of sleeping, cooking, eating, cleaning and working.

Will we?

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