Ms B - Wildflower Fire Coaching
When I came to Sarah at Wildflower Fire, I’d never really had experience of coaching before and to be honest my life felt like it had become unmanageable, but I wasn’t really clear as to if coaching would help. To say I was feeling frayed at the edges was an understatement. Over a few months of coaching Sarah really assisted me to re design my life and make decisions I’d be putting off making or left bubbling way on the background because I didn’t know where to begin. The coaching really helped me firstly to acknowledge some of the real issues (instead of getting caught up in all the stuff surrounding them) and also to put plans into action. Every time I had coaching I had practical things to progress which felt amazing. I quit my part time job and gave the businesses I’d been nurturing and loved the room and focus it truly deserved as it no longer had to fight with the rest of my mind clutter. My business started to grow and I fell back in love with my life and regained some life balance which didn’t see me mentally beating myself up if I took the day off or did something just for me. My experience also made me realise that coaching is for everyone and for anyone just standing on the sidelines. I’d say give it a go. Its 100% worth it. It’s the ultimate self care.
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