Public Sector Team - Wildflower Fire Coaching
Sarah developed and undertook a bespoke Leadership development and team effectiveness programme. Sarah was responsible for the design and facilitation to assist the leadership team challenge itself to improve team effectiveness. This required a number of face to face interviews and participant observation at key meetings. Sarah undertook thematic analysis to identify strengths, weakness, opportunities for development and sensitively fed those themes back to the Leadership team in an open and transparent fashion. Sarah completed her assignment by facilitating a half day workshop focused on improved governance and effective use of time. Sarah used her skills to create a safe environment for team members to explore different ways of working this has resulted in changes to leadership meetings and a commitment from all members to continue to improve the leadership team purpose and journey. We consider her contribution an asset to our Service, both in what has been delivered but also how Sarah has undertaken the work. Her positive, curious and facilitative style has enabled the service to continue on its journey of continuous improvement
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