Testimonials Archive - Wildflower Fire Coaching
"I would highly recommend Sarah for any woman looking for a bit of help in life. Sarah has really helped me with mindset and strategies..."...read more
Female, small business owner
"Working with Sarah was one of the best decisions I'd made in a long time. She's helped me to really understand what mattered in my..."...read more
Female, Business Owner
"Sarah has given me vital support to keep me on track with the changes in my professional and personal life situation. She is a good..."...read more
Female, Small Business Owner
"Sarah was great to work with and facilitated open yet challenging discussion which helped me realise the next steps I wanted to take in my..."...read more
Female, New Graduate
"I wanted to thank you for working alongside me over the last 18 months, for guiding me towards my goals, identifying the self-sown weeds that..."...read more
Female, Assistant Director, Public Sector
"Working with Sarah helped to unpick some long held assumptions and beliefs that were getting in my way of truly understanding what it is I..."...read more
Female, Small Business Owner
"I have been working with Sarah since January 2023, having read her posts, and recognising the value she could offer me at this stage of..."...read more
Female, CEO, Voluntary Sector Organisation
"The session gave me the opportunity to reflect on the last few weeks, and create head space to do that. Helped me to organise my..."...read more
Female, senior leader, public sector, large organisation
"The session was useful in keeping me connected, mentally to myself and my future during a time when life doesn't quite feel real - the..."...read more
Female, senior leader, public sector, small organisation
"I found the session very useful in reminding myself what aspects of my work are more valuable to me, that I've been neglecting. In some..."...read more
Female, operational lead, public sector, large organisation