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What is team, group and organisational coaching?

Could the relationships and productivity of your team be improved?

Wildflower Fire coaching works with organisations to help teams work together more efficiently and effectively. Team meeting diagnostic reviews, qualitative research projects, action learning sets, team development workshops are offered as part of the work to improve performance and develop a coaching culture within organisations. Individual and team coaching are also available.

Wildflower Fire group coaching helps people that have similar goals or aspirations, to work together as a collective to support each other to achieve their individual goals. The process helps people to understand each other as individuals as well using the dynamics and relationships within the group to learn from each other as well as help improve motivation.

Team, group & organisational coaching process

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Initial Contact

The process of team and organisational coaching starts with an initial discussion to talk about what the issues that the team are currently facing and what success would look like.
A range of approaches are discussed, followed up by a formal proposal.

Group coaching starts with gathering people with a similar issue, outlook or life stage together to agree aims, aspirations and goals to work together to support each other to achieve. Example – first line managers development group, senior female managers action learning set, small business leaders discussion group.

One to one or team coaching sessions, qualitative research, diagnostic reviews, action learning sets are carried out over an agreed period of time. The group is facilitated to work together over a number of sessions in order to work towards achievement of the agreed group goals.
Coaching Session Process
Team coaching results or themes are written up, if appropriate, and presented to the senior leadership team for further discussion.
After the coaching session

Further one to one or team development sessions can be offered if required.

What our clients have to say

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Team, group & organisational coaching frequently asked questions
People find that working in a coaching group that has a similar aim provides lots of support and stimulus to achieve their goals. The group provides motivation, shared experiences, new ideas and opportunities to work together. Depending on the issue, people often find that they get to where they want to be quicker when working on it in a group than they would do alone.
Working on a one-to-one coaching basis, the coaching work would start with a 3 way meeting between the coach, the coachee and line manager, sponsor or senior stakeholder in order to discuss the aims, aspirations and boundaries of the coaching. The scope, duration and feedback mechanisms of the coaching would be agreed before coaching commenced. Feedback, usually of broad themes (protecting confidentiality of the coaching relationship) would be given to the senior lead at key points and the coaching process would end, usually after around 6 sessions, with a final 3 way meeting to discuss progress and next steps for the organisation.
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