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I’ve been thinking about the space we are in right now. The in between bit, middle bit between now and next. The transition and shift into a new normal.

Liminality is a term used to describe the psychological process of transitioning across boundaries and borders. The term “limen” comes from the Latin for threshold; it is literally the threshold separating one space from another.

So, what’s it like to be in neither in one place nor the other? Limbo. Liminal limbo. We are nearly half way through the year and I think its fair to say that its not a year that anyone will easily forget or maybe want to remember. Floods, endless floods, storms started the year off, quickly followed by the virus which locked us down in our houses and communities and which we are nowhere near past yet.

We are not fully out of lockdown, and not fully back to normal. Some people are closer to being back to normal than others with a return to school for their children this week, return to work, starting to make plans for the future. People who have been shielding have started to taste a little freedom again by stepping outside, walking in the fresh air, maybe socially distantly seeing other people. There is a sense of anticipation in the air, plans to be made and the urge for some kind of normality to return.

There is a spectrum of the above and people that I have talked to are somewhere along it. Either working through the new normal, making plans for summer holidays and social gatherings or slowly emerging into the light and cautiously planning how to start easing out of lockdown or staying home, staying safe for now and watching what happens next.

So, while the liminal state continues, and no matter where you are on the spectrum…

  • what’s your plan?
  • What are you going to do this month, this summer, for the second half of this year?
  • How are you planning to return to the new normal?
  • What has this time taught you? what themes have emerged?
  • Have you enjoyed the extra time you have had at home and are you thinking of a way to carry some of that on?
  • Have you been surviving, taking things day by day and are glad to start being able to think about something outside the house again?
  • Have you decided that you want to change the relationship you are in? start or end a relationship? or negotiate some changes?
  • Do you want to find a new job? start a new business?
  • Carry on home schooling?
  • Invest in your health? exercise more? lose weight?
  • Learn a new skill?
  • Has this time helped some long buried truth emerge, something you would like to explore further?

Whatever this time has been like for you and whatever changes you might want to make then perhaps coaching can help. Whether its to help you gather some information together, make sense of the last few months, get clear on a plan, be challenged and supported to reach a goal, work out what you want to do in the second half of the year, work your way out of a job, develop a new business or think about ending a relationship then get in touch and lets have a chat – 07767 320883 or

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