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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working my way through Couch to 5 K and I’ve been reading about when people hit their wall. Running wall that is.

The same concept is being talked about in the context of the current situation in the UK. Many of the people I have spoken to recently have started to hit their own walls in the last couple of weeks. The reality of home schooling while working while keeping people in the household safe, sane, happy, healthy and well fed is taking its toll. People are reporting finding this particularly hard now as there is no real sense of what, how and when this situation will change.

Further to this, I was listening to an interview with Esther Perel last night and one of the things she talked about is the reality that people are suddenly taking on a multitude of roles all in the same space. Working, cooking, sleeping, teaching, exercising, socialising, creating, parenting and partnering. The multiple roles that many people usually leave the house to perform, usually away from family or housemates, are now often being delivered in the same space, surrounded by the same people. Day in day out.

Compounding the multiple roles being delivered in the same space around the same people, is the fact that much of the interaction, work, social contact and teaching is being done online. New skills for some people to master and where its not new, a sense that online meetings followed by online socialising is disconnecting, disconcerting, disenfranchising, exhausting and discombobulating. The very opposite of what people want and need which is connection.

I’m interested to know about you? have you hit your wall? do you recognise what is being described?

I do. The initial novelty has long worn off, the panic has mostly gone, the routine is in place and there is a slightly heart sinking sense that we are settling in for the long haul. Only issue being that we don’t really know how long this long haul is going to be, we are not sure where we are going or what it will look like when we get there.

Interestingly though, not everyone is in the same place. I have also spoken to people who are enjoying the slower pace, I can relate to this too. Some people that have taken the time to strengthen their closest family and friend relationships and to let go of things and people that no longer serve them well. People who are planning for a return to the new normal by pivoting their business models, applying for new jobs and gathering the energy to make major life changes.

So, what to do. What to do if you have hit your wall and are wondering what the next few weeks will hold. Some ideas below that might be useful things to think about.

  1. Can you do something to change your routine – work in a different room, take your exercise in a different place, try something new to eat or try a different hobby?
  2. Can you make a plan for something in the future – this time next year, this time in 5 years – where would you like to be? a different job? a different place to live? a different relationship?
  3. Can you organise a night out night in at home? get dressed up, play some music, eat something different or get a take away, watch a favourite film or play with the kids on the PS4 ?
  4. Can you use the time to take up a new habit or hobby that you want to develop in the new normal? exercising? reading? gardening? yoga? crochet?
  5. Can you start each day with the thought “it will be a good day if ” and think about the 3 things you want to achieve that day?

What have you tried?

Let us know what you think

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