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The Situation

What was going on in the team

The team were part of a large public sector organisation delivering a frontline service to vulnerable clients. They were a group of senior leaders working together to try and transform the existing service in order to meet growing demand and reducing budgets.

The team, whilst externally successful and thought highly of by the organisation, had identified some issues in the way that they were operating with various competing factions within the team causing difficulties and poor performance.

Wildflower Fire was asked to come in to review how the team was working together, to identify the issues and to put together a team development action plan.

The Coaching

What actually happened as part of the coaching process

The work began with a discussion with the head of the team and the organisational sponsor to explore their perception of the current issues and to agree what success would look like. Following these discussions, a formal proposal was developed, a plan was agreed and the following actions carried out.

  1. Team meeting reviews and governance structure review
  2. One to one semi structured, qualitative interviews held with each senior lead within the team
  3. Themes from interviews collated and written up alongside examples of good practice
  4. Report presentation to senior lead
  5. Team development workshop presenting themes and developing an action plan for change
  6. Final write up provided
  7. One to one coaching provided

The Conclusion

What was the outcome of the work

Following the work, the team were able to carry on working through the action plan for change.

The team started to develop new ideas about how they could work together more effectively and did things like change the structure of their meetings, involve different people in meetings and set up a regular review process.

One to one coaching helped the people involved to recognise limiting beliefs and change old patterns of behaviour in order that they interacted more effectively with their team, organised their work day to become more productive and empowered the people around them to take on different roles so that they could focus more on the work that they were responsible for.

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