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The Situation

Tired and over worked

Ms B, 47, is engaged in a range of activities and roles that sometimes feel unfulfilling and energy zapping. She has little time for self care and sometimes feels exhausted and unclear about where she should focus her efforts.

Previously she had set up and run a business which had not been financially successful and she has played it safe since deciding to close that business down.

She has a number of different business interests and is currently working part time in an environment that pays the bills but is not contributing towards her long term goals or aspirations. Her job impacts on her ability to spend time with her partner and young family and she is finding the lack of creativity increasingly frustrating.

Ms B has lots of ideas but is scattering her energy widely, without committing to anything particularly effectively. She has a huge passion and skill for one area of work but is allowing herself to become distracted by other ideas, effectively reducing her ability to make her passion the financial success that it could be.

The Coaching

What happened during the process

A number of avenues and subjects were explored:-

  • Exploration of Ms. B’s strengths and core purpose
  • Defining the options available for work and prioritising them
  • Designing a wheel of life to look at everything that was going on and the links between them
  • Creating some cash targets and life goals
  • Forming an image of what their perfect week would include
  • Exploring the avenues that were available to her.
  • Talking about Transactional Analysis and key drivers
  • Role playing new ways of being with respect to following her work passion
  • Creating action around saying no to old roles and yes to focusing on one key passion. i.e. giving up some activities and focusing more energy and effort on the areas of work that she loves and fulfil her long term goals.
  • Addressing and calling out negative self-talk.

The Conclusion

The outcome of the coaching

Over the course of 5 sessions, across 6 months, Ms B now has a clear idea of where her desires are and the things she is good at, i.e. her strengths.

She has given up the part time job that she had and is able to spend more time with her young family.

She is now focusing on the work that she loves and is actively building her profile in this arena whilst having said no and given up some other roles which were less fulfilling/ financially viable.

She is starting to build in some regular time for self-care and feels like she is now moving in a direction that she is hugely passionate about.

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