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Understanding the struggle

Wildflower Fire coaching recognises the struggle...

…of the juggle of managing ALL the things that many women are involved in. Squished, squashed and squeezed between home, family, work, caring responsibilities, studying, socialising and keeping healthy with time for self care often falling off the end of a long list.

Coaching helps you untangle the world you live in so that you can understand yourself and what makes you tick, better. It helps you to articulate what you want to change, cuts through the noise to get to the heart of the matter to help you develop clear goals and plans for your short, medium and long term future.

Wildflower Fire Coaching provides gentle but firm challenges to enable you to make positive changes at work, home, in your business or relationships.

Here for you

Supporting you to

Manage key relationships better

Improve your performance at work

Develop a new or existing business idea

Make decisions about your future

Achieve your goals

Did you know...

Sarah is an accredited trained coach with Barefoot Coaching Ltd

Sarah initially trained and practised as a counsellor and did her initial coach training as part of a workplace coaching course. She went on to deliver and receive coaching and mentoring as part of her role. Following the development of her consultancy, Sarah went on to train with Barefoot Coaching Ltd on their International Coaching Federation accredited Business and Personal Coaching Course and is an ICF Associate Certified Coach.

We offer remote coaching to work around your busy schedule

Sarah uses a range of platforms to offer coaching including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. As well as online coaching, Sarah works by telephone and face to face.

Coaching for knackered women process

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Initial Contact

The process of coaching starts with an initial 30 min telephone conversation to talk about what coaching is, why you think coaching might help you right now and to give you the chance to ask questions and for us to get an idea of whether we can work together successfully and whether I would be the right coach for you.

If we decide that now is the right time to proceed then you will be sent a link to the coaching contract, booking system and invoice for the coaching package. This is payable in full before the sessions commence.

Coaching Session Practicalities
Coaching sessions normally take place every 4-6 weeks, online, on the telephone or face to face. Each session is 1.5 hours and most people find that they need between 6-9 sessions. An invoice is payable before each session or group of sessions.
Supporting you to
Coaching sessions normally involve you talking about the issues that you have, focusing on what you need to get out of each session, working up a plan of action and talking about what you have achieved following previous sessions and any barriers and opportunities. The coaching process involves support, discussion, exercises – either paper based or using other tools, challenge and re focusing so that you leave the session with a realistic, achievable and time bound plan of action to take forward.
Improve your performance at work

Following each session, you will receive a brief summary of the points discussed and a reminder of the actions that you agreed to take forward.

There are some questions for feedback to evaluate the coaching so that practice and anything that needs to be changed can be evaluated.

Sometimes there may also be some homework such as a useful article to read or an exercise to undertake. Dates will be provided for the next session to be booked in.

What our clients have to say

"I found our session really valuable and the actions have given me some much needed focus on myself! I felt a weight had lifted from..." more
"When I came to Sarah at Wildflower Fire, I’d never really had experience of coaching before and to be honest my life felt like it..." more
Ms B
Coaching for knackered women frequently asked questions
Counselling is a process by which you might go back to the roots of childhood and family relationships and try and understand how your foundations affect your life now. Often, people will come into counselling if they are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with day to day life as counsellors are trained to recognise and support people with mental health conditions. Unless you have a type of solution focused or cognitive behavioural therapy, it is not there to provide directive advice or to challenge you to make changes. Coaching primarily aims to help you to identify and achieve goals for the future rather than understanding how your early foundations affect your life today. Whilst coaching may focus on your past a little, its primarily to help you focus on what you want to achieve now and next. People generally come to coaching when they are managing everyday life ok but want to understand how to get more out of life, to achieve more at work and make plans for the future.
Rather than specific advice, coaching in this situation would be about working with you to explore your current situation, to help you discover what, if any, behaviours or limiting beliefs you may have in order to help you to understand what’s happening and to focus on what strategies you can put in place to move things on.
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