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Hello and thank you for checking out my new website. I offer personal and business coaching, amicable divorce coaching and team group and organisational coaching. I hope that now you’ve had a look round, you understand more about what Wildflower Coaching could offer you.

I love working with people to gain clarity, find some courage and make changes. As well as short to medium term individual coaching packages, I also offer one off 60 minute online/telephone Clarity sessions. These are brilliant if you have a particular life, work, home or relationship issue or decision to make that you want to get to the heart of. Great for untangling your thoughts. Excellent at enabling you to arrive at a clear plan. Marvellous at getting you to the point of taking action. Brilliant for helping you do more of what you love.

Give me a call on 07767 320883 or email sarah@wildflowerfire.co.uk to book your Clarity session now.

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