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The temperature is starting to drop and the days are getting shorter, which means winter is nearly upon us. The colder months can present joys as well as challenges and it’s worth starting to think now about what preparations you might want to make so that you can ensure you enter the winter season feeling confident and ready to thrive.

With less daylight, it’s important to maintain self-care routines that support your mental health and energy levels.

Keep up regular exercise, even if that means swapping the gym for home workouts. Stick to healthy sleep habits, winding down with calming activities like reading before bed. Try and reduce or stop screens well before bedtime.

Seek out natural light using your lunch break for brisk walks or sitting near windows while working. If you find yourself feeling a little down then try a SAD lamp and see if that helps.

Guard against winter viruses by taking vitamin D supplements to boost immunity, and practising good hand hygiene. Think about whether you need to have any immunisations such as Flu. Make sure you’re eating immune-supporting foods like citrus fruits, berries and yoghurt. Stock your kitchen and bag with healthy snacks to avoid grabbing processed options when you’re rushed.

Take stock of your wardrobe – do you have the essentials to beat the glorious British weather? From drizzly days to bright winter sunny skies, do a winter wardrobe audit. Have you got enough warm layers like wool jumpers, fleece-lined tights, waterproof boots and cosy hats? Having the right clothing makes braving the elements much easier. Don’t forget essentials like gloves, scarves and a winter coat that keeps you dry and snug. Check any items you already own still fit well and are in good condition.

Stay socially connected during the colder months when it may be more tempting to hibernate at home. Schedule regular catch-ups with friends over tea or soup. Join an evening book club or indoor sports team. If you live alone, check in regularly with loved ones. Don’t underestimate the mood boost of meaningful social interactions.

Use slower weekends to get organised. Declutter wardrobes and drawers to make space or room for new items. Meal prep healthy dishes like stews, casseroles and soups to have ready when you’re busy. Create a cosy environment at home with warm throws, scented candles and fresh flowers.

Spend time going through old magazines and think about what you want 2024 to be about. Will you be thinking about making some changes at home, is it time to think about a new job, are you hoping to make new friends or try and new hobby? Have you got a health goal that you want to aim for? Taking a big sheet of paper, create a mood board of pictures, quotes and colours that will inspire you to take the steps towards the changes you want to make in 2024.

Think about what you need to make time for to help care for your mind, body and spirit and plan this into the diary. Have you got books on the shelf that you want to read, a craft project to try, online learning to investigate, a new slow cooker recipe, a holiday in 2024 to plan for, a new habit to get into such as journaling, meditation or yoga?

Please let me have your winter preparation ideas in the comments.

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