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Why have amicable divorce coaching?

Find your footing and move forward

Amicable Divorce Coaching is for women who are contemplating divorce, dealing with divorce or working through the aftermath. No matter where you are in the transition from marriage to post-divorce, coaching can help you find your footing and move forward.

Whether you initiate a separation or divorce, or your spouse leaves you, you will probably experience 1) Denial, 2) Contemplation, 3) Planning, 4) Taking Action/Moving through the legal process and 5) Recovery/Re-Emerging. Coaching can support and assist you in all these stages helping you to get organized, gain clarity and pursue your goals.

How we support you

What is amicable divorce coaching?

Amicable divorce coaching is complementary to rather than an alternative to legal or financial advice. It is there to give you a space to work through the emotional aspects of separation in order to sort out some goals and a plan for the divorce process and your long term future.

Get perspective on your options and choices

Understand and avoid the triggers that lead to conflict

Navigate your way through the process

Redefine your relationship

Move on with your life purposefully, positively and gracefully

Amicable divorce coaching process

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Initial Contact

The process of coaching starts with an initial 30 min telephone conversation to talk about what coaching is (and isn’t), to establish where you are up to in your separation process, to discuss the role coaching can play alongside legal and mediation expertise, to give you the chance to ask questions and for us to get an idea whether we can work together successfully and whether I would be the right coach for you.

If you decide that you want to proceed then you will be sent a copy of the coaching contract to sign so that your first session can be booked.

Coaching Session Practicalities
Coaching sessions normally take place every 4-6 weeks, online, on the telephone or face to face. Each amicable divorce session is 1.5 hours and most people find that they need between 4-6 sessions. An invoice is payable before each session or group of sessions.
Coaching Session Process
Coaching sessions normally involve you talking about the issues that you have, focusing on what you need to get out of each session, working up a plan of action for your amicable divorce and talking about what you have achieved following previous sessions and any barriers and opportunities. The coaching process involves support, discussion, exercises – either paper based or using other tools, challenge and re focusing so that you leave the session with a realistic, achievable and time bound plan of action to take forward.
After the coaching session

Following each session, you will receive a confidential brief summary of the points discussed and a reminder of the actions that you agreed to take forward.

There are some questions for feedback to evaluate the coaching so that practice and anything that needs to be changed can be evaluated.

Sometimes there may also be some homework such as a useful article to read or an exercise to undertake. Dates will be provided for the next session to be booked in.

What our clients have to say

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Amicable divorce coaching frequently asked questions
No! Coaching is not intended to replace legal advice in any way. The purpose of amicable divorce coaching is to help you navigate the separation and divorce process and deal with the emotional journey. You may find that coaching helps you to get the best out of your relationship with your solicitor as it can help you deal with the emotional aspects of the situation and get clearer about your plan and what you need your solicitor to help you negotiate.
Mediation will help you sort out any child care and financial issues with your partner so that you can come to an agreement about next steps. Coaching is about helping you deal with the emotional journey of separation and divorce and helping you to devise and work through a future focused plan.
Coaching can’t wave a magic wand over a difficult person or situation. What it does do is help you understand yourself better, work out what makes you tick and gives you the tools and techniques to respond differently to situations.
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Whether it’s you that has made the choice to end your relationship or not, navigating through this time can be long, stressful, emotional and tiring. Having an external, impartial, empathetic coaching input to help you work through your emotions and come up with a plan for your future can help you get the best out of the other professionals involved in your separation, saving you time and money.

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