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The need for change

From being a corporate highflier (view my CV). I became one of those tired, frustrated and exhausted career women. Brittle too.

I was in my early 40s, having worked for over 20 years in the public sector. From completing my degree and starting my first job at 22, I had spent 3 years gaining a Diploma in Counselling, completed a Post Graduate Diploma, a Master of Public Health qualification, got married, had fertility treatment and two children, navigated co-parenting and part time work while working through a myriad of organisational politics and constant changes. I was shattered and on the verge of shattering.

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In search of clarity

Fast forward 8 years and a few bumpy roads in my journey.

Leaving the public sector, setting up and establishing a new business, working as an associate for other businesses, working as an independent consultant, finding new areas of work, initiating and navigating an amicable divorce, becoming a single parent, developing a portfolio career, starting a new relationship and using every single last ounce of experience to grow and move forward happily, gracefully and positively.

Why choose us?
The courage to take the next step
The start of something wonderful

I set up Wildflower Fire so that I could specialise in the work that I love the most.

Simply, using the counselling and coaching skills and professional and personal experience that I have, to work alongside people, groups and teams to help them become the best version of themselves that they can be.

Supporting women just like myself

In addition, following the successful navigation of my own amicable divorce, I now work with other women to coach them through their own.
I coach other women to break through barriers, explore and challenge their inner imposter and understand their gifts so that they can move on in their own lives and achieve their next promotion, career transition or start that new busines

The experience to supply the right tools

With the right tools, coaching and goals, I know (and am the proof) that you can design a career and life strategy to make an impact on the world around you, your family’s legacy, and your future.

Why Wildflower Fire?

Wildflower Fire is my reminder that whilst fire initially obliterates and destroys, it also clears and nourishes the ground in order to make way for new growth.

Some people see wildflowers and think they are weeds. Look at them more closely and you will see flowers that bloom in unlikely places, flowers that find their way towards the light through tiny cracks, flowers that are simply beautiful, flowers that are resilient enough to emerge from long buried seeds. Wildflowers that just need the right soil conditions in order to burst through into glory. Wildflowers that scatter their seeds on the breeze in order to pollinate new areas.

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In my spare time...

When I am not working, I love listening to music, writing, cooking, being with my family, exercising and planting bee friendly flowers. I’m a pop psychology geek who has always loved reading articles and books about what makes people tick. I’m currently enjoying learning how to podcast and vlog – both of which are out of my slightly introverted comfort zone ! I enjoy keeping chickens and cats and am currently overseeing the completion of a house renovation project.

Wildflower Fire Coaching

Coaching for clarity, coaching for courage and coaching for change

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